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ASP.NET 5 Hosting Available NOW!

clock November 24, 2020 07:35 by author Scott is a popular online Windows and ASP.NET based hosting service provider catering to those people who face such issues. The company has managed to build a strong client base in a very short period of time. It is known for offering ultra-fast, fully-managed and secured services in the competitive market.

.NET 5 is the next version of .NET Core and the future of the .NET platform. With .NET 5 you have everything you need to build rich, interactive front end web UI and powerful backend services. .NET 5 contains great performance improvements in the
runtime and libraries and for the gRPC components. These improvements, when applied to ASP.NET Core, result in some significant wins in throughput (RPS) and latency. hosts its servers in top rate data centers that's located in Amsterdam (NL), London (UK), Washington, D.C. (US), Paris (France), Frankfurt (Germany), Chennai (India), Milan (Italy), Toronto (Canada) and São Paulo (Brazil) to ensure 99.9% network period. All data center feature redundancies in network connectivity, power, HVAC, security, and fire suppression. proudly announces available ASP.NET 5 feature for new customers and existing customers. is a popular online Windows based hosting service provider catering to those people who face such issues. The company has managed to build a strong client base in a very short period of time. It is known for offering ultra-fast, fully-managed and secured services in the competitive market. Their powerful servers are especially optimized and ensure ASP.NET 5 performance. They have best data centers on three continent, unique account isolation for security, and 24/7 proactive uptime monitoring.

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ASP.NET 5 Now Available on Hosting Server!

clock November 12, 2020 09:34 by author Scott

Today, we are announcing ASP.NET 5 on our hosting environment. We are happy to support this new ASP.NET 5 for our customers on our servers.

High-level goals for .NET 5 include providing a unified .NET SDK experience, with a single BCL (base class library) across all .NET 5 applications, and with support for both native and web applications across multiple operating systems. A single .NET 5 native application project would support targets such as Windows, Microsoft Duo (Android), and Apple iOS using native controls on those platforms.

Additional goals of .NET 5 include support for building high-performance cloud applications, faster algorithms in the BCL, better support for containers in the runtime, and support for HTTP3. .NET 5.0 includes support for the WebAssembly binary format, via the Mono runtime and .NET libraries. A set of nullable reference type annotations also is featured.

The following is ASP.NET 5 features

1. Cross-Platform Runtime

As we know that ASP.NET 5 can work with two different environment .NET core and .NET Framework to provide you a better experience and flexibility.

The .NET core runtime is a cross-platform and modular runtime with a small impression. .NET Core runtime has the following benefits.

  • You can run your application with a deployed version of runtime instead of that runtime which is installed on a host operating system. That makes easy to the app deployment and framework update.
  • The ASP.NET 5 provides a cross-platform version of .NET Core for Linux, Mac, and Windows operating system rather than that operating system you use for development.
  • .NET Core runtime will never ask you for update the runtime feature which is not relevant to your application. You can save your time on testing and deploying updates.

2. Fast HTTP performance

ASP.NET 5 has introduced a modular HTTP request pipeline so you can add the component according to your requirements. A pipeline does not depend on system.web. By reducing upward in pipeline app can work better and tuned better HTTP stack. The pipeline is also supported OWIN.

You can use the configure method in your Startup class to customize the pipeline the configure method used to specify which middleware you want to use in your requested pipeline. ASP.NET 5 has introduced many different middlewares from katana project including middleware for authentication, diagnostics, and static files.

3. Dependency injection

ASP.NET Frameworks like SignalR, Web API and MVC supports the dependency injection but not the holistic way and consistent through the entire web stack. You can access service in middleware, in filters,  at startup, in model binding, virtually any part of the pipeline and in controllers wherever you want use your service. ASP.NET 5 has a minimum dependency injection container to bootstrap the system. but it also provides the facility of changing containers of your choice like Ninject, Autofac, etc.

4. Cloud-ready configure

The best feature of ASP.NET 5 is you not need to use Web.config file for configuration. The main aim of ASP.NET 5 is making easy to deploy an application to the cloud and automatically read the correct configuration value for particular environment. The new system allows you to request name value from different sources like XML, environment variable and XML you have to decide which format is best in your scenario.

5. MVC 6 – a unified programming model

Web API, Web Pages, and MVC frequently used together in developing solution and they provide complementary functionality. in past ASP.NET release, this framework was implemented separately due to this they have inconsistencies and duplication issues. In MVC 6 we can merge those models in a single programming model. Now you are able to create a single web app that handles the data services and Web UI without reconciling in the programing framework. You also able to transition a site first developed with a web page into a more robust MVC app.

Now you can return content-negotiated data and Razor views from same controller and using same MVC filter pipeline.


The .NET 5 project is an important and exciting new direction for .NET. You will see .NET become simpler but also have broader and more expansive capability and utility. All new development and feature capabilities will be part of .NET 5, including new C# versions.

Now, you can host your ASP.NET 5 with us as low as €3.00/month. For more information about this new ASP.NET 5, please visit our site at

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